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Love jewelry?Become an independent consultant for Posh Jewelry!Come on and join our team! Selling jewelry is a fun way to supplement your income and meet new interesting people, while enjoying what you do!

Earn extra money!-Meet new people!

You set your own hours!-Earn FREE Jewelry!

You control how much you can earn!-No territory limits or sales requirements!

Share ideas with other consultants!-No experience required!

Make new friends! -Have lots of fun!

Ready to get started?Contact your Independent Consultant or email us at or you may call us at (864) 630-0031.We’ll be glad to help you!

Welcome to the Posh Team!

Valencia Littlejohn, Founder, President, & CEO

How can I earn money?

Direct sales

Your options are limitless! Anywhere there are women, you can sell jewelry!Many start off by showing their jewelry to co-workers, church family, family and friends.


Showings are a fantastic way to build up a huge clientele base!Hair salons, clothing boutiques, bridal shops, nail salons and spas are great places to set up a jewelry showing!Shop owners are glad to put up flyers in order to have the opportunity to get their customers back in the door!Set regular showings and customers will be looking out for the next time you come!It’s a great service for the store owners and great for you!

Jewelry Parties

Jewelry parties are fun and easy!You can set up jewelry parties in your own home or encourage your customers to set up their own jewelry party! Offer your host a great discount off of their purchases or a free item for every party that is booked from their party! It grow from there!

Trade Shows, Street Fairs, Arts and Craft Shows

There are tons of vendor opportunities available out there! Fairs, craft shows, bridal shows, mommie & me groups.Ideas are limited only by your imagination!

Earn $ by Recruiting New Consultants

Love Posh Jewelry?Love the extra income?Why not get your friends to join the Posh Jewelry Team!You receive $25 just for having them sign up!


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Contact your Independent Consultant or email us at or you may call us at (864) 630-0031.